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      Thanks for checking out The Clubhouse...We're rolling out NFL plays every weekend now through the Super Bowl for Norm's Clubhouse members. Those who've been with us through the summer know that it's been a great baseball season in The Clubhouse and we will continue to post MLB Selections (as well as NBA once the season starts).

        But football's the preferred sport for handicappers around our area and around the country so here's how Norm's Clubhouse works. First, the cost is still very, very, very low compared to that being charged by betting services around the country. Here's what you get for your monthly or seasonal fee:

      ---Each week I'll announced on "The Ticket" a list of picks for that weekend's games. Those are and will always be free to you and we'll post the entire weekend's selections on the front page  of the website Friday mornings by 10 a. m.  

You can also sign up to get The Picks of the Pole delivered to your inbox.

      ----Each weekend we will also post for CLUBHOUSE MEMBERS ONLY the consensus picks of some of the best handicappers  around the country. Those will be posted Saturdays and Sundays before 10 a. m. each day. Also, if there's a key selection for Monday or Thursday night games that'll also be posted for Clubhouse members only by  the mid-afternoon on those days. If there's no selections of note up by 3 p. m. on those days of Monday and Thursday there'll be nothing posted  than that time.

 ---Each Sunday morning I'll also try to post a few fantasy selections for NFL games of those days and that will also be available ONLY to Clubhouse members.



Clubhouse Members get exclusive access to the Consensus Football Selections From Handicappers Around the Nation as well as daily Baseball and Basketball selections when in season.

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